Wednesday, January 13, 2016

coats in space


               Infrastruktur 2015 Installation view / © Herald St, London

The installation “Infrastructure” from artist Nicole Wermers hits a proud 690 entries on Instagram and despite her nomination she did not win the Turner Prize 2015. In this work, cantilever chairs have been placed in a spacious room with a concrete floor, vintage fur coats are thrown across the backs of the chairs. Is the wearer marking their territory? What chances does one have to claim room for themselves in public spaces? This video from TateShots is an opportunity to gain more insight into Wermers’ artistic creations.
                    via:  Hey Woman
                       also: Wermers text
                             Nicole Wermers at Herald St

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting Rid of Stuff: Never Liked It Anyway

from the site: Never Liked It Anyway

Falling in love is the best feeling on earth. 
But breakups? 
Well…they suck. A lot.

We started Never Liked It Anyway to make moving on easier.
It’s a place to shed the stories and the stuff.
A place to sell the breakup baggage cluttering your life… and mind!
A place to fund your bounceback plan.
So you can see that silver lining sooner.
We’re here to help you feel better, faster.
We’re about moving on not moping about.
And it starts with taking matters into your own hands.
Not tissue piles, ice-cream binges and group hugs.
Breakups don’t have to mean breakdowns.
So here’s to new beginnings.
Onwards & Upwards!!