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Our clothes hold stories which is often why we have trouble letting them go.  

Item No. 3746

1919. Paris.
She’s walking next to him on Quai d’Orsay, admiring his double-breasted long tweed coat blowing in the cold wind.
1969. London.
He’s walking next to her on Piccadilly Circus, admiring her double-breasted long tweed coat blowing in the cold wind. In the recesses of his mind, he can’t help but think it looks familiar somehow.

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But what happens to our clothes 
when we finally let go is important:
& Other Stories offers a sustainable solution:


We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world, and recycling is a big part of that. We try to find solutions for it in every part of our process and have, since our launch in 2013, established an in-store recycling program for our beauty packaging. This program is now expanding and will include textile recycling too. From autumn 2015, all of our stores offer an in-store textile recycling program. To make the most of this exciting task, we cooperate with experts within this field, and rely on you to recycle with us.


We have an overall sustainable approach within our beauty range, using standard packaging and keeping the paper use to a minimum by printing all necessary information on the inside of the boxes instead of on a separate folder. To recycle & Other Stories’ beauty packaging, bring back the empty containers from our colour cosmetics, bath & body and skin care ranges to our New York store on 575 Broadway (btw Prince/Houston).
This is how it works:
1. Simply return one, or more, of our empty beauty containers to one of our stores, and get one voucher with a 10% recycling treat as a thank you. Please note that your voucher can be used once and is valid for three months.
2. The packaging is sorted according to material directly in the store and then passed on to the nearest recycling station.


Bring any textiles from any brand (old socks and tired towels are welcome too), to any of our store and wish them luck in their new life as insulation material for the construction materials industry, geofleece, carpet underlay, and rear shelves in cars, stuffed toys, shoe insoles, among many, many other things.
This is how it works:
1. Simply fill a bag with any textiles (all brands are welcome!) and bring it to your closest store, and get one voucher with a 10% recycling treat as a thank you. Please note that your voucher can be used once and is valid for three months.
2. Your bags are then collected from the store by our recycling partners. They have the infrastructural solutions in place to sort the items ensuring that the different materials are handled in the best possible way. Each piece (no matter its age or condition) is a valuable source of raw material – a treasure ready to embark on its second chapter. By recycling with us you create a circle that keeps all these raw materials from being produced again from scratch.
3. All textiles are passed on for their next best use via our recycling partner and are sorted into the following categories:

   • Recycling - everything that is not suitable for producing new garments is converted into recycled fibres and non-woven fabric.

   • Rewear – garments that are still wearable move on as second-hand clothing.
   • Reuse – textiles that can’t be worn anymore are turned into special products, such as cleaning cloths.
   • Upcycling – when the product is turned into another product of higher, or equal, quality. 

Read more about our partner I:CO and their process on

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When you buy something from Reformation online, we'll include a free RefRecycling shipping label. Simply slap that on the box your stuff came in (or any other box), fill it up with whatever you want to recycle, have it picked up at your door, and we'll do the rest. You can login to your Reformation profile and log the label number to track your shipments and see where your old stuff is going, and the positive environmental impact you made.

So that you know your old clothes are in good hands, we've teamed up with CR. They'll make sure your clothes are responsibly recycled for reuse.

If every American recycled one more T-shirt a year, we would recover 210 billion gallons of water alone. And – hand on heart – we all have at least one ugly t-shirt in our closets, that we should probably say goodbye to.

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