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In Rules of Style, frank solicits (life)style words of wisdom, five at a time, from passionate people doing what they love.
MOLLY Young, Writer and Creative at trendy eyewear company Warby Parker, is also a writer of insightful and intelligent (but not too stuffy!) fashion and style features for notable magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, GQ and ELLE - to name a few.  Follow her stream of consciousness on her twitter account (@magicmolly) and check out the latest video from Warby Parker (directed by Cass Bird and Chrissie Miller), featuring the company’s latest Ocean Avenue line.
frank caught up with Young, who is very particular and thoughtful when it comes to her Rules of Style. Learn about her thoughts on cashmere, red lipstick and why she needs “ridiculous” soap in order to shower.
1. When bored, try red lipstick. It’s the easiest way to look like a new person. I’ve tried lots of lipsticks and my favorite is Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick. It doesn’t bleed or smudge all day; it bonds to your lips like superglue.
2. When cold, bid on cheap cashmere. The problem with buying cashmere is that it’s too expensive to wear casually, because you’ll always be afraid of staining or snagging it. But you can find inexpensive vintage cashmere sweaters on eBay for $15-20, which is cheap enough that you’ll wear them with zero reservations. It’s the cheapest way I have found to feel incredibly rich! (I get them in navy, camel, and black.)
3. When bathing, use ridiculous soap. My parents used to chase me around the house because I refused to take baths as a kid. I still find showering to be incredibly boring, so I’m always searching for neat products to incentivize my showers. Current favorite is this soap, from an amazing Etsy seller. Bonus: it makes a good gift.
4. When dry, take a Skin Trip. I grew up in a hippie part of California and always bought my Skin Trip coconut lotion from the local co-op. When I started reading Into the Gloss, I discovered that Skin Trip is the cult favorite of half the women in New York! It’s the perfect body lotion: non-sticky, super light, and all-natural.
5When in doubt, stick with natural fibers. Simple silk blouses are flattering on everyone—and you can machine-wash them, too!
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