Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Hot Wax"
I know.  I know.  But I can't resist boots like this - they age beautifully, last forever, and you can really walk in them.

"Barbour, the U.K.-based outerwear company and holder of the warrant to supply “waterproof and protective clothing” to England’s royal family, has created a limited-edition collection of boots with the New England-based shoemaker Rockport. The signature rain-resistant waxed cotton used in Barbour’s weatherproof jackets has been hand-stitched to rough, textured leathers in three styles of boots that incorporate the advanced technology in walking comfort for which Rockport is known. Though a bit rugged for most workplaces, they’re a perfect match for the tweed pants and suits now hitting stores for the coming winter — and will most certainly weather any storm, be it in a peat bog or a concrete canyon."
NY Times

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Giulia said...

I love them, too. We just have to figure out how to pay for them w/out having to marry a Windsor (ugh. My anti-monarchical Welsh side is showing. sorry:)