Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Accessories et al.

Doubly Chic Triston Belt
"Gorge was only 15 feet across.
No time for thinking, since a rhino, who was either in love or enraged or both, was gaining fast.
What was it the book said about their leaping ability?
This belt originally found its way around adventurers and was designed to hold flasks, bullets, knives and assorted other adventurer things.
Wasn’t long before socialites discovered it implied they did something besides shop.
No need to outrun a rhino anymore.
Around the right dress you get around most anyone.
Doubly Chic Triston Belt (No. 2903). Handmade in Florence in smooth, rich and, of course, Italian leather. Contrasting stitching. Double antique brass buckle.
They’ll still wonder what you do in your spare time."

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Giulia said...

I was just looking at this in the catalogue this a.m. Love it. A good belt can remake a dress/outfit.