Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Derrida tells us, “Deconstruction is affirmation.”


"I'm at a sidewalk café just a cobblestone's throw from the Sorbonne. Animated conversation fueled by wine, espresso, and Gauloises.
Several of the women, I observe, have on shirts like this. You may recall them being worn from about ad 1200 on by peasants from Ukraine to Portugal, and later the tie-dyed versions popular during the Summer of Love.
Latin Quarter Peasant Shirt (No. 2406), with trio of loop-closing shell buttons hidden under collar slit just about front gusset. To be worn day-in and night-out with practically anything."
J. Peterman

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Giulia said...

I forgot all about these clothes. Jokes on Seinfeld aside...sometimes a few worked for me. Currently with enough avoirdupois that is quite distressing (we're talking 50lbs), I needed something to go with jeans & another pair of summer trousers. This fit the bill & I also bought a bateau-necked 3/4 sleeve top that will hide upper arm batwings (soon to be properly toned again...)

I would never ever have remembered to go to the catalogue, so I do thank you very much indeed.