Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who is she?

Travel Duster

I've just finished breakfast and I’m sitting in the dining room of the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite Valley.

I turn and see a woman confidently stride across the lobby. She has a beautiful profile.

She has a very direct gaze, an intensity of focus.

Is she a poet, a painter? Where is she going? Why do I immediately think she travels all over the globe?

It's the coat, isn’t it?

The coat says, this is a woman who knows all about throwing caution to the winds.

Could she be a diva? Is she the kind of woman who performs in Stockholm and then swiftly flies off to Toronto, or Sydney? Or is she the CEO of a corporation that makes microprocessors. This needs to be resolved.

The question is whether I can catch up to her.

Travel Duster (No. 2539). Long, four-button-front duster coat. 100% cotton twill. Convertible funnel collar that can be worn open and flat, or up for protection. Center back seam with high open pleat for ease of movement. Ties at back to adjust fit slightly above waist. On-seam pockets. Gathers at sleeve head. Washed to give it a soft look and hand (it lightly bobs against you as you move). This beautiful cotton twill will take your audience by surprise.Travel Duster

Color: Café Au Lait Brown.

via: J. Peterman

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