Monday, March 16, 2009

"Salt air on wild beach roses..."

J. Peterman Perfume

"She was an Englishwoman of independent mind and means.

Beginning in 1911, she traveled through Europe, Africa, India, and China, keeping remarkable diaries; a few survive.

The pages are filled with close observations of nature and society, insights, and curious notations that appear, at first glance, to be recipes.

They are recipes. For perfumes.

It was still the custom, then, for women of a certain standing to have perfumers create fragrances especially for them. A signature scent. Or a perfume for an important occasion.

"E.M." (to use her initials) was not unusual in commissioning perfumes. But she was unique in keeping detailed notes about them.

Those notes have made the J. Peterman E.M. Collection possible."

Based on diary notes for a fragrance reflecting E.M.'s feelings of freedom on a trip to the western isles of Greece. Clean and fresh; you can still smell salt air on wild beach roses. 1-oz. eau-de-toilette spray bottle in silk drawstring pouch.
Price: $40.
:via J. Peterman

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