Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perfect: The Icon Trench

J. Peterman : You may have noticed recently where Angelina Jolie got the media to agree that coverage of her and Brad Pitt would henceforth be entirely positive

Very nice for her. But practically everyone else can still use a career boost now and then, something to get on the right track.

A winning raincoat like this is precisely such a thing.

Deneuve wore one for her launch in Umbrellas of Cherbourg. Simone Signoret must have added a decade to her career by wearing a raincoat. And of course, there’s Ingrid Bergman.

At the airport with Bogart, collar up. Later, Spellbound, same coat. And then, in Notorious, Cary Grant carries her down the stairs wearing the raincoat over her nightclothes.

Movie-Star Raincoat.

If you don’t control your headlines, your headlines will control you.

The Trench, constantly updated and reinvented, is now available at J. Crew for Spring. Who better to wear it than icon, Lauren Hutton?

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