Friday, January 23, 2009

"Michelle, ma belle" *

The Michelle Cardigan, aptly named, ushers in a new era of independent fashion choices. Jenna Lyons, J. Crew's Creative Director, imaginatively mixes colors and styles so they always appear spontaneous. Michelle Obama carries that effortless allure on her beautiful 5'11" frame, belting her cardigans, accessorizing with whimsical colors, making it appear uncomplicated and natural.
The Obama family single-handedly shut down the J. Crew website momentarily after their appearance at President Obama's Inauguration festivities. J.Crew clothing included custom-made coats, bow ties, gloves and sweaters.

"Let’s hear it for fashion that is just a little bit eccentric, that in its texture and slight hint of sparkle gives a suggestion of mystery. Also, I like the fact that she wasn’t engulfed by a big wooly coat; you could see the whole outfit, with her trusty cardigan showing a bit. You could see her.

Since Saturday, Mrs. Obama has also worn clothes by Maria Cornejo, Narciso Rodriguez and J. Crew. On Sunday, for the concert at the Lincoln Memorial, she wore a smart-looking camel suit specially designed by Rodriguez with a metal-studded black shell. That morning she wore his plum silk and wool dress with a lavender coat, its sleeves wand thin to accentuate, Rodriguez said, her height. “She never looks like she went out of her way to look dressed up,” he told me this morning by phone. He added, “I think she just naturally knows what she feels good in. It’s not overwrought.”
The designers she has chosen "are also three of our best designers—innovative, hands-on and independent."

Washington, Now Paris
By Cathy Horyn,
New York Times January 21, 2009


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