Monday, January 12, 2009

Icons: Jane Birkin

Iconic status is well and truly achieved when Hermes names a covetable leather bag after you. Actress Jane Birkin (widely known for her relationship with Serge Gainsbourg and the risqué song 'Je t' non plus') has the enduring sex appeal every woman longs for even more than a Hermes bag. Forty years after her cinematic debut, the English-born-Francophile continues to look just as good off screen as on it. Get iconic French style.
Get Jane's look:
Forget Birkin the '60s dolly bird in Antonioni's cult movie 'Blow Up', leave the Pop Art dress and lime green tights to the V&A costume department, and choose classic Parisienne chic instead. A fitted black reefer jacket and slim pants flatter any figure, and give a seriously stylish Left-Bank look.

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Visit the official Jane Birkin website.

View a tribute:

Get Jane's style and more, (how timeless is the Hermes Birkin?) . Karin Nelson in The NY Times, SundayStyles Pulse and The Huffington Post offer insight into how to remain a fashion icon into your 60's.

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