Thursday, January 15, 2009

Icons: Julie Christie

Oscar-winning actress Julie Christie ("Darling," "Dr. Zhivago," "Far From the Madding Crowd," "Petulia") was Hollywood's ultimate "It Girl" in the late '60s and early '70s.

She was the epitome of the swinging '60s British bird, wearing bell-bottoms, tunic tops, love beads, high boots, miniskirts and hippy dresses with long hair and full bangs.

"What Julie Christie wears has more real impact on fashion than all the clothes of the ten best-dressed women combined," said Time Magazine in 1967.

Keep in mind this was back when actresses picked out their own clothes, eons before the birth of the "personal stylist."

Julie also dated some of the hottest actors, such as Terence Stamp, and she lived with that loveable lothario Warren Beatty from 1967-1974. (Goldie Hawn introduced them). And her girlfriends included other young actresses of her day, including the late Sharon Tate, Shirley MacLaine, Faye Dunaway and Catherine Deneuve.

But she managed to eschew the limelight and began turning down major film roles. She eventually moved back to England and shifted her attention to political causes. She has lived a very private life with Duncan Campbell, a Manchester Guardian investigative journalist, since 1979.

"All women are aware of that moment when suddenly the boys don't look at you. It's a fairly common thing, when suddenly you no longer attract that instant male attention because of the way you look. I never really knew how to enjoy beauty, but it took the form of a subconscious arrogance, expecting things, all muddled up with celebrity. Then you begin to deal with it. In the 1970s I was amazed to be talked about as a '60s sex symbol. I wasn't that person, as if I were a doll from the past. I had to learn to come to terms with that. It's funny, it's silly, the ridiculousness of having asked so much of celebrity. Then it becomes really interesting and very much part of the excitement of the life you're living now, knowing you're approaching the end of it."

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