Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift Giving 102...Tom's Shoes

TOMS Shoes: How To Spend Less And Give More (VIDEO)

"With the economy as it is, spending money wisely is more important than ever. Gift giving is a wonderful thing - and should continue to be - but we need to be conscious of how we spend our dollars. Before you break open the piggy bank, ask yourself the following: Will this gift truly be appreciated? Is there a way that I can spend less AND give more at the same time? I believe that you can with TOMS Shoes...

This Holiday Season, TOMS launched an audacious campaign to sell and give 30,000 pairs of shoes in 30 days! We kicked off this campaign by making a short one-minute video describing our goal. View here: Tom's Shoes . In the past 10 days, over 25,000 people have seen this video and more than 9000 shoes have been sold and will soon be given. This is AMAZING... but we still need YOUR help. We only have 20 days left to reach our goal!

Please share this video with your friends, family, co-workers... and absolutely everyone you know. Everyone that sees this video will be inspired to buy a pair of TOMS and make our 30K in 30 day goal possible!

Together, we can make a difference... one pair of shoes at a time!"

from The Huffington Post

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