Thursday, November 6, 2008

Suit Yourself, Mix It Up...

We all know that a great suit is one of the best wardrobe investments we can make. Facing an economic crunch with the holidays ahead, a new suit could be all you need to get you through the season. Styling options are wide open. One of us is loyal to a classically cut, longer jacket and straight leg pants, personalizing it by adding a shot of color with a simple top, signature jewelry and pointy pumps, perfect for work. The other is more likely to choose a short, fitted jacket, slouchy trousers and boots. A timeless style and a year round fabric, like light weight wool crepe or gabradine can become your holiday staple. Throw the jacket over a floaty silk camisole and cigarette jeans for a house party. For a more formal event, pair the pants with velvet, metallic silk, or cashmere. Take it up a notch and splurge on a tux. An elegant look for any woman, it takes on even more mystery when a worn by a woman of a certain age. J. Crew and Banana Republic offer affordable options, and they have already reduced prices.

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