Thursday, October 16, 2008

Women We Admire...

We don’t know about you, but we love Oprah. Her joyful, grateful take on life has inspired us. It’s not just her story that is compelling, but the way she looks at the present as a gift. She challenges us to be adventurers in our own lives, inviting us to investigate new ways of addressing old problems. Sharing her love of literature, her reading list invokes our interest in stories of personal courage. Her eponymous Guide to Life” is an authentic manual that helps redirect our thinking. We become more accepting of ourselves and more willing to take the risks that will open us to new experiences. Letting go of all that fear is one of her great lessons. We know because it has taken us a loooong time to
get here. Oprah has helped.

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Ageless Beauty said...

Plus, I know people who hardly ever pick up a book, but if its an Oprah's Book Club title, they'll give it a try. As I'm never without a book, I'm a big advocate of anything that gets others excited about reading!