Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Pony...

Mix it up... Ralph Lauren reinterpreted classics by mixing fabrics and proportions, presenting them in elegant settings which we all longed to inhabit. Because his clothes are timeless, we could justify the cost, or we could implement his vision by taking items from our own closet and wearing them in a different way. Mixing velvet with denim, tweeds with taffeta, wearing a cashmere sweater over an evening dress are all examples of how Ralph has infiltrated our clothing consciousness. Somehow, he makes it modern and beautiful to dress this way. We don't feel out of our element in his ideas. He has provided his label at many price points, Black, Blue, RL Jeans, Rugby, the Lauren line and more. J.C. Penney, under the label American Living, now makes dressing in Ralph Lauren a possibility even in a difficult economic time. (A 3/4 sleeve, herringbone tweed jacket is on sale at $112.50!)

You can be stylish and charitable by purchasing an RL tee from his Pink Pony line which contributes a portion to the Pink Pony Breast Cancer Care and Prevention Fund. cause.

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