Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Investment Strategy...

Coach is on track with their new fall bags. Their stores are being revamped in an eclectic, meandering way, which invites browsing. Their bags, modern and classic, are a good investment for years of style. They make a subtle statement, a shift away from the trendy bags of late. The colors are fresh and rich, but not over the top, and the metallics are gorgeous and practical for 24/7 wear. Coach construction, long a benchmark in perfection which has been their trademark, makes the purchase of one of their bags a wise choice. We like the Legacy bag which is available in different sizes. They also carry a selection of printed silk scarves, a look that took off this fall.

Just in time..Coach will donate $100 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation from each purchase of the pink Coach Lexington Breast Cancer Awareness watch. Check out their website:

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