Saturday, October 18, 2008

Changing Course...

Unemployed? Considering a career change after all these years? We have been there. This is the moment to "turn it around". Everything is transforming so rapidly, it's difficult to regain perspective. The job market is shifting and we are getting older. What to do about it? Everything! This is the second chance you have dreamed about. Anne Martindale explains that "women can have it all. We live so long we can have a family and then a career." The New York Times reviewed her story. Headline? "The Graduate, Age 87, Looks Ahead" After raising her children, this "late bloomer", a diplomat and a Senator who focused on women's rights returned to Smith College. She delayed her dream of completing her education for 70 years! At her graduation, she considered graduate school. "That would be a good ticket to a job, I suppose."

We hope to address options that are available as we face transitions. Not all of us can afford to return to school full time. But we can take a course that will lead us in a new direction. Keep yourself open. We know an attorney who became much happier after she left a lucrative law career behind to start her mobile dog grooming business. Another friend, concerned about social issues of addiction, attended college part-time for five years, (while raising her sons), and hopes to receive her masters in counseling. As we see in this economy, it isn't always about the big salary. It can be about stumbling upon that one idea that can change the direction of your life. We are offering websites here that may be helpful in your quest and will continue this conversation in future posts.

Changing Course
Art Bistro
Funding Services for Women

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