Friday, September 5, 2008

What Does Your Fragrance Say About You?

Are you still wearing the same fragrance you wore in high school or college? Is it your signature? STOP! They say that our body chemistry changes every seven years, and there are so many wonderful new fragrances on the market. Transform yourself. Start with your fragrance! We like to mix it up and choose a different scent for each season. Ralph Lauren’s new fragrance, Notorious, is perfect now that we head into autumn and winter.

Notorious is the introduction of a new elegance in fragrance, a sophisticated change from the recent emphasis on young and sweet scents. Wearing it, you are transported to a cafe in Paris. You are waiting, in your slim black dress and peep toe pumps, for Bogey to appear. It is a captivating mix of deep black currant, bright bergamot, chocolate cosmos and patchouli musk. Be careful that your perfume does not arrive before you do. Just a touch on your pulse points so the allure is “up close and personal”.

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