Thursday, September 25, 2008

Signature Style...

When you are young, you can transform your style daily. So many choices, so little time! One day you can be Bohemian, layered with exotic fabrics and jewelry or an interesting mix of different elements. The next day, you can channel a Romantic heroine with velvets, capes and wild curls. Or you can create your own mix of all the trends, start a trend of your own, and still look adorable. When you are older, "adorable" isn't the image you may want to convey. After so much experimenting, it is time to define your style with a signature look.

Celebrities are good at this. Consider the Modern Classic, which requires careful editing. Diane Sawyer and Lauren Bacall have made this look their own. It remains timeless. Lauren Hutton and Katherine Hepburn have put a feminine twist on a natural, outdoorsy menswear look, which is constantly being reinterpreted by fashion designers. Always surprising, this style can be personalized with the addition of quirky accessories so that it is never boring. Diane Keaton has a confidence that makes it possible for her to own a style that is many times, over the top, but is consistently interesting and flattering to her. By now, we can look in our closets and see a direction our choices have taken. Continue on your own path. You can be your own version of Coco, Audrey, or Jackie. With close editing and consideration of new updates each season, you won’t long to wear clothes that look fabulous on your daughter. You will look perfectly, gorgeously like yourself.

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