Monday, September 15, 2008

Rosy Cheeks...

Who doesn't look better with rosy cheeks? In the fall, the color palette of fashion is more intense. A pale face washes out. The magic of blusher can fix that. A dewy, healthy glow makes us look more beautiful and confident. The flush of an outdoor walk through the leaves is best achieved with a cream blush. Stick with a rosy color that has no brown undertones. Blaze by Laura Mercier is one of our favorites. Begin with a freshly moisturized face. A make up primer, (we like Smashbox Photo Finish), followed by a creamy foundation, (stay tuned for our foundation survey), keeps the color from fading. Apply the blush with two fingers on the apple of your cheek, working back to your temple. Blend well. If you prefer powder blush, Chanel in their new fall shade Rose Dust has the perfect amount of shimmer to restore your youthful glow. Be careful. Too much blush is often worse than none at all. Makeup should enhance and never distract.

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