Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pencil Skirts...

At last the return of a skirt that makes us feel sophisticated and sexy at the same time. We did look cute in prairie skirts with our little jean jackets, and adorable in minis, but it feels good to move on. Dresses, too, which have taken center stage for a while, are being upstaged by the pencil skirt. Whether with ruching, draping or texture, they offer a way to dress like a grown up. We are reminded of Katherine Hepburn perched on her desk, (in a pencil skirt), crossing her long legs and commanding Spencer Tracy’s attention in the film, Desk Set. These skirts are available in all price ranges. We found a metallic tweed skirt at J. Crew that is an early indicator of a spring trend. On the runway this week, Ralph Lauren gilded his sportswear and mixed it with khaki, bringing an evening fabric clearly into day. Maybe it is the return of the strong, modern woman or just a need for a breath of fresh air, but there are so many interesting changes in fashion, we think it will be fun to shop again.

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