Friday, September 12, 2008

Cleansing and Moisturizing...

As the weather gets colder we need to change our cleanser and moisturizer. Even before the heat gets turned on in the house, our skin tends to get drier. Try switching to a creamy or oil cleanser. Purifying Oil (rich or light depending on your skin type) by Laura Mercier not only cleanses but moisturizes as well. Donʼt let the oil put you off, it isnʼt greasy and doesnʼt leave a residue. It leaves your skin dewy. The Youth As We Know It by Bliss is an excellent creamy cleanser. Try using those little yellow sponges and rinse well. If this is the point in your nightly beauty regime when you add Retin A or Retional let your face dry for at least an hour before applying. If your skin is still dry you can add your moisturizer after waiting again. There are many good moisturizers depending on your needs. Clinique Repairwear intensive night cream and Bobbi Brownʼs Overnight Cream are good choices. Rich In Shea Butter by LʼOccitane is great for very dry, dehydrated skin. Donʼt forget eye cream. In the AM you can wash again or just splash with warm water. Use your daytime moisturizer, eye cream and donʼt forget your SPF. Yes, even if it is raining. There are products that have the SPF or you can layer. Put your makeup on and voila! You are ready to start the day!

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